Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What happened to 2017?

So - obviously I have been on something of an unintended hiatus. The combination of being Department Chair and Life have totally overwhelmed me for awhile now.

On the plus side - I have been more active in Twitter - so I am still alive, but apparently only able to communicate in 140 word bursts. Sigh.

I have been working on some new research in addition to lots of administrative planning/drowning in a sea of paperwork.

This is cool stuff ... remotely controlled underwater vehicle that I can videotape with as well as collecting samples (water and soil and grabber arm) ...


So still alive but goodness knows when I can get back to more regular blogging. Probably not while stuck in admin mode. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Environmental Legislation Links and Links for Homework

For Homework #1

League of Conservation Voters Score Card

Open Secrets 114th Congress List

From Class 

Library of Congress  (this is where you follow the progress of Bills)

United States Code Office of the Law Revision Counsel  (official one)

United States Code Cornell Law Library  (easier to search)

Supreme Court 

Executive Orders (which are published in the Federal Register) 
or go to

Treaties (on Senate Website) 

Federal Register 

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 
CFR at Cornell Law Library

Key Terms

• Bill – proposed legislation under consideration by a legislature

• Guidance Documents – documents that allow government agencies to provide technical guidelines and background information without the content becoming law. This allows more governmental discretion in applying the standards delineated and makes it easier to update and alter them.

• Regulation - a form of delegated legislation typically created by federal or state administrative agencies. Statues (laws) are usually written in very general terms and administrative agencies, such as the EPA, must provide the technical details in the form of regulations - regulations have the force of law. Also referred to as rules or administrative law.

• Statue – a formal written acts of a legislative body such as Congress or a state legislature. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Feeling very cranky

'cause National Parks and holding lands in trust for the public is totally a 
waste of exploitable resources! 

Obviously clean water costs too much and impedes business growth! 

And clean air regulations are a huge impediment to growing the economy  

Blow up more mountains, drill more holes, get at those fossils fuels! Regardless of the costs

Bring back those great jobs! 

* like I said - feeling very, very cranky.